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It is recommended to search a case through case number for 100% accuracy; however cases may also be searched by entering the name of any one of the party in the search box. To search the case through case number please follow the given pattern.

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Civil Miscellaneous : C.Misc.20/20, Criminal Miscellaneous : Cr.Misc.20/20, Civil Revision : C.Rev.20/20, Criminal Revision : Cr.Rev.20/20, Civil First Appeal : CFA.20/20, Civil Second Appeal : CSA.20/20, Criminal Appeal : Cr.Ap.20/20, Civil Suit : C.Suit.20/20, Writ Petition : WP.20/20, Contempt of Court : COC.20/20, Murder Reference : M.Ref.20/20, Election Petition : E.Pet.20/20, Suo Moto : SMC.20/20.

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